There are lots of wonderful historic buildings in Leeds, but here are a few of the favourites that we have worked on…

Leeds Townhall

Built between 1853 and 1858 and opened by Queen Victoria this iconic building is at the heart of the City of Leeds and has a rich history as a court and a prison, as well as a council building. We secured the statues on the parapet wall of this grade 1 Listed Building.

Leeds Art Gallery

This grade 2 Listed Building was established in 1888, the entrance hall contains Leeds’ oldest civic sculpture, of Queen Anne, and the gallery itself displays an art collection of ‘national importance. Inside the Gallery, we carried out stonemasonry works, forming the stone arch which links the Tiled Hall Café to the Gallery and we also repaired the granite columns that grace the Tiled Hall. We replicated the ornate carving to the stone in the ceiling when the ceiling was remodelled as part of the award-winning renovation works to the Tiled Hall back in 2007.

Kirkstall Abbey

The Abbey was built in roughly 1152 and is one of the best-preserved in Britain today with stonework still in good condition more than 800 years later. A grade 1 listed building and scheduled monument, definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been. We removed weeds at high level on the tops of the walls and consolidated the tops to prevent stones from falling.

The Leeds Corn Exchange

We are proud to say we had the pleasure of working on this historic building, The Corn Exchange was completed in 1863 during the Victorian era and it has remained an iconic building to this day, it has been repurposed over time from a place to exchange corn to a retail centre. The Corn Exchange is a Grade 1 Listed Building, only approximately one in forty listed buildings are grade 1 listed, making them the rarest and most significant buildings in the country. The utmost care must be taken with any work carried out on them. We were hired to clean the building’s stone facade to help restore some of the original Victorian beauty.

The Parkinson Building, Leeds University

This is one of many buildings we have worked on across the University Campus. We have cleaned the Portland Stone with Nebulous Spray and used the DOFF Superheated System, a sensitive choice with this being a listed building. We also carried out lime mortar pointing, masonry repairs and fitted the building with bird deterrents.

Holy Trinity Church

Many years ago now, we chemically cleaned this Leeds City Centre Church. This grade 1 Listed Building was built between 1722 and 1727 and now sits alongside Trinity Leeds, built-in 2013 and named after the church, providing a shopping and leisure centre in the heart of Leeds. Take a look at our Gallery and Case Study sections to see more examples of historic buildings we have worked on across Leeds.