In the UK and across Europe, our early mortar technologies were based on lime. This was often found in the exact areas it was used as most railways and canals were yet to be built.

But, what is its significance today? Today, we’ll be discussing the importance of lime mortar in historical building conservations.

What is Lime Mortar?

Lime has been used for thousands of years to create durable mortar, resulting in beautiful and durable structures. Some lime mortars have been shown to have high levels of flexural bond strength they can also be used to reduce the amount of water that reaches a bond.

Lime mortar is a very low maintenance option – which may be why we have loved and used it for the past 2000+ years.

Why Use Lime Mortar Today?

Lime mortar is a great option for building and restoration due to its durability. It can withstand both heating and freezing. But, the reason we use it in restorations mostly, is that it is a classic material that would resemble the same type of mortar used many years ago.

There are many different ways that lime can be used in mortar. Today, you will often find it used in the form of lime putty or Hydraulic lime.

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