It’s easy to dismiss regular external cleaning projects as ‘cosmetic’. Particularly façade cleaning for work premises and public buildings, where all of the important work is done inside!

With so many priorities to juggle, you may feel that keeping your exterior walls well maintained and pristine can wait.

However, here are five good reasons to move professional care for your building exterior higher up your ‘to do’ list.

Passive marketing

Passive marketing is something that organisations sometimes overlook. Visitors and your own staff may be getting some subliminally negative ‘messages’ from a slightly dirty or neglected façade. It suggests you are not paying attention to detail.

Regular cleaning – and keeping on top of brick pointing and other building restoration projects – provides the opposite impression. It shows you to be a well organised, forward-looking company who cares.

Pride in your place

Having a smart and attractive external ‘face’ for your business premises or public building also helps staff to feel a greater sense of pride in their work environment. Visitors and passers-by will also have a clearer sense of the importance and relevance of your premises.

Neglected facades can seem like an open invitation for spray painters, fly-tippers and even more insidious intrusions!

Deepening damage

The last strong reason to book stone cleaning services – and to keep on top of brickwork repairs and restoration – is actually about saving money!

The work you invest in now could ensure that you don’t face bigger bills further down the line.

Pollutants on your facade – such as bird mess – can be corrosive. Damage to your brickwork and masonry could also be letting the weather create serious structural damage, such as damp in woodwork or internal walls.

Clearly then, your building facade is more than just a ‘pretty face’!