Natural stone is an outstandingly beautiful building material. And in the UK, we’re lucky enough to have a variety of buildings made from granite, sandstone, limestone, flint and more. Natural stone is an incredibly versatile material combining unrivalled durability and aesthetics with its beautiful colours and textures. However, we recommend that you let the professionals handle your stone restoration and cleaning to preserve its natural beauty.

Stone Cleaning is Highly Specialised

First and foremost, DIY stone cleaning can do more harm than good. Using the wrong products and methods can damage the surface, leading to the degradation of the stone. Stone surfaces are also highly susceptible to damage from algae, moss, pollution and environmental staining, which need the correct treatment.

As professionals with over fifty years of experience in cleaning and restoring stone, we know the proper methods to use depending on whether we’re cleaning sandstone, limestone or granite. 

We’ll use bespoke products and equipment to clean your façade to your preferred level of clean, and we can even restore badly stained stones to their original beauty.

We can also get into those hard to reach places and give your stone façade a thorough deep clean using the appropriate methods and taking all necessary safety precautions. Maintaining your stonework will keep it looking beautiful for years to come, but it’s a job that’s best done by professionals.

Transform Your Property

Cleaning a stone façade is the single most effective way to bring it back to life and restore your property’s kerb appeal. 

First impressions count, and stone restoration not only improves the aesthetics of your building but can add value to both residential and commercial property. 

The only way to maintain the appearance of a stone-built building is with regular cleaning and maintenance, a job best left to a professional stone cleaning service. The expense is more than justified when you look at the cost of extensive stone façade repair work.

Protect Your Façade

Because it’s a natural material, the stone is frequently under attack from the elements. As a result, minerals can leach out from the stone itself or the substrate causing ugly staining. Dirt and pollution can quickly hide the beauty of your stonework, and bird and rodents droppings cause unsightly marks. Even a water drip can leave mineral deposits or red rust streaks that disfigure your building.

Apart from the aesthetic damage, these minor annoyances can quickly evolve into something more damaging. Using a stone cleaning service can highlight any remedial work that needs to be done before things get out of control, extending the lifespan of your property. 

It Saves Time and Money

Consulting a professional stone cleaning service to clean, restore and protect your building façade may seem expensive. But in the long run, it’s a procedure that can save you time and money. It’s also cost-effective when considering the outstanding results and the effort involved in achieving them. 

We’ll inspect your building, create a cleaning strategy that’s designed to enhance and protect the stonework, then ensure cleaning work is carried out to the highest standards. 

Professional Stone Cleaning Services From BRC Leeds

At BRC Leeds, we have over fifty years of experience cleaning and restoring buildings across the North of England. 

We offer a range of modern and non-invasive cleaning methods that can bring any building back to life, restoring your façade to its former glory. To find out more about our professional stone cleaning services, why not contact us today?