Building restoration can be a significant investment in both time and money. But if your bricks, stonework and mortar require work, the benefits are truly worth it. But how do you know if you need to call in the specialists? Deferring maintenance can be costly, ao here are 5 warning signs that will tell you, you need a building restoration.

Your facade has lost its kerb appeal

If you’re thinking of selling and renting and no one’s interested, your home could have lost its kerb appeal. Building restoration can improve the aesthetics of your home fast. Simply cleaning the stone or brick of your building can bring about a transformation that will make your home genuinely appealing.

We offer an environmentally friendly cleaning solution that can remove anything from graffiti to moss and give your building back its appeal for that quick sale.

Historical features crumbling away
Do you live in a listed building? Then you’ll be aware you need to repair and renovate historical features. Any work should be carried out according to Historic England guidelines. Failure to take reasonable steps to keep the building in good repair or undertake stone restoration could even lead to a compulsory purchase order.

New stonework features must blend with the old, which is why you need to work with skilled and experienced stonemasons when repairs are necessary. Suppose you have a historic building that presents a renovation challenge. In that case, you must have the work done as quickly as possible using suitable materials and expertise.

Bubbling or peeling paint

Suppose you’ve noticed the plasterwork bubbling on your interior walls. If that’s the case, you’ll find the solution in the traditional materials used to build your home. Lime mortar is exceptionally effective at allowing moisture to be removed from your home. But using modern paints can prevent lime mortar from drying out and forces the moisture into your walls, resulting in peeling and bubbling paintwork.

Apart from stripping back the paintwork, you may need to have your brick or stonework repointed with traditional lime mortar. This traditional material allows your building to move and breathe and is sympathetic with the age of the facade. Skilled lime mortar pointing can also enhance the look of your home.

Bulging brickwork

If you notice your brick walls bulging outwards, then you may have a problem with water damage. This type of damage happens in older properties when water seeps through the mortar and expands and swells when trapped behind the brickwork.

You should never attempt to remove old bricks or shore up bulging brickwork, as it’s impossible to know the extent of the damage. Older properties need to be able to breathe, so ensure that the brickwork is restored with traditional lime mortar. This material allows moisture to be wicked away from the fabric of your walls, keeping them in top-notch condition.

Marks on your stonework

If you’ve noticed a discolouration on your brick or stonework, you may need building restoration work. It could be caused by a powdery substance known as efflorescence, which results from water damage. You may also notice your mortar looks damaged or eroded and in need of repair.

If you’ve spotted efflorescence or algae on your stone or brickwork, or there are patches of eroded or missing mortar, you need to take action. Arrange for your facade to undergo thorough cleaning before the mortar is repaired and repointed.

BRC Leeds, the experts in restoration services

At BRC Leeds, we’re a fully accredited family-run business specialising in building restoration. If your home urgently needs care and attention, or you require stone facade repair, contact us today, and we’ll arrange a consultation.