Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make and keeping it in good condition is key. One essential element to think about is the pointing work between the bricks in your walls. Brick pointing is the art of using mortar between individual bricks in order to make the whole wall stable. Over time though, you may find this needs some attention which is where repointing comes in. Repointing is the process of touching up the mortar between bricks to restore it to its former glory.

But what are the signs that you may need this doing?

Common signs your bricks need repointing?

A good pointing job will last for many, many years but not forever. When it comes to brickwork, there are a few signs which could suggest repointing is needed. The first is simply that the bricks themselves are looking untidy with mortar missing between them. If you ignore these gaps, it could lead to bigger problem than mere repointing at a later date.

You should also be on the lookout for damp too. If you notice damp inside your home, it is probably something that stems from a problem outside. Issues like this can be a sign that your bricks need repointing as the gaps between bricks could be letting moisture in.

As well as the above, a good tip is to perform a maintenance check yourself to see if your brickwork needs attention. Very often, your walls will need repointing after a certain period of time as mortar does not last forever. Just run your finger along the mortar between bricks – if it crumbles away easily, then this is the time to get it sorted before it gets worse.

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