After centuries of use and love, historic buildings usually require a little more care and attention than new ones, some you may be wondering whether preserving them is really worthwhile. Here at Building Restoration and Cleaning (Leeds) Ltd we are passionate about the preservation and believe that preserving historic buildings is important for our nation for so many reasons.

Historic buildings are bursting with charm and history, which makes them a magnet for tourists and therefore great for the local economy. Similarly, they provide great venues for parties, weddings, and other big occasions.

They are steeped in history and heritage, making them an important link to our past and indeed our ancestors. This not only makes them a great source of local pride but also provides an excellent place for future generations to learn about history. Failing to preserve them would therefore be a huge loss for so many.

Here at BRC (Leeds) Ltd we are specialists in preserving historical buildings and have been entrusted with many a Listed Building over our 50 years in business. Listing building marks and celebrates a property’s special architectural and historic interest. It also ensures the property has greater consideration under the planning system so that it can be protected for future generations to enjoy. The older a building is, the more likely is it to be listed, as there are fewer surviving examples of its kind. Locally, we have carried out works on The Corn Exchange in Leeds, a grade I listed building, along with grade II listed buildings including Leeds Art Gallery, The Parkinson Building at Leeds University and the Thackray Medical Museum in Sheepscar, Leeds.

We really believe that preserving historic buildings is crucial to retaining our nation’s heritage and history. It can also be seen as being both environmental and practical, as it reduces the need for new materials. Reclaimed stone and bricks are used wherever possible and stone repairs offer a cost-effective solution to repair laminating or eroded stonework.

If you are looking after a historical building in Leeds, or anywhere else in the north of England, look no further. As well as building cleaning, masonry, and pointing we also offer stone facade repair and stone restoration.

If you own or manage, a historic building, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries. We’re always happy to talk about historic buildings and how we can help you preserve yours.